Sunday, December 1, 2013

A linkage can be made between this video and 'Connecting Visual Literacy and Metaliteracy' MOOC talk 4. This video above shows an extract from her book 'Techno biophilia, Nature and Cyberspace' where the description made of nature through visual interpretations sets a connection of understanding the desired intention with what has to be displayed. How imagery can help guide a mind from complexity. Informative visualization can be drawn from images and images of nature perfects this concept. Using nature as a wallpaper or screensaver can be seen as an enticement to the mind. It triggers the person into wanting to do nature-related things. The slightest comfort can be made by looking out of the window.  For the most part, beauty in nature is usually preferred over artificial beauty.  A sense of relaxation, relieving from stress. 

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  1. I believe that maybe we appreciate the beauty of nature more than technology because it speaks to us on a deeper level, on a natural level that all living things are familiar with. Like the many animals who behave because that's instinct to them, our love of nature vs. artificial forms could stem from that.