Sunday, December 1, 2013

This article is very interesting to me. It is pretty accurate how people are attracted to beautiful things. Yet again, what distinguishes beauty and ugliness? Its all a perception. Just how technobiophilia makes us believe in the relationship we have built between technology and nature.

One area of support for our innate affiliation with nature comes from research demonstrating increased psychological well-being upon exposure to natural features and environments. -Journal of Happiness Studies
Volume 1Issue 3pp 293-322

Support develops from the strength and prevalence of phobic responses to stimuli of evolutionary importance and absence of such responses to potentially dangerous human-made stimuli. That survival emotions of equivalent intensity can be explained by the extremely rapid process of change and progress that has occurred. Given that our modern ways of living, as prescribed by Western industrialized culture, stand in stark contrast to our evolutionary history, it is proposed that we may currently be witnessing the beginnings of significant adverse outcomes for the human psyche.

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