Thursday, October 3, 2013

Char Mooth continuation...

To be able to distinguish our brain power between knowledge and experience takes practice. When it comes to developmental appreciation, conscious cognition and affective experiences makes the mind more adaptive to how we want to portray our ideology through actions.

The discussion about Regulation of Cognition where planning, monitoring and evaluation will lead to success sets up a goal that can be achieved if practice with caution. The ability to lay out our strategies with the help of past experiences can be seen as a key factor for metacognition. In time, when we reach mental maturity, it only comes naturally that our mind tends to bend towards complexity and sophistication.

In my opinion, this MOOC talk is very helpful in such a way that I actually stop and think about how I process my thoughts and the linkage I make between scenarios to draw conclusion about how I view things. To go down this lane, I build confidence in how I want to speak my mind to others. Furthermore, complexity of the mind is just a portrayal of one's opinion that is being created through many synapses working together. 

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