Sunday, October 27, 2013

Continue of Visual Info..

    To further analyze the intuition of information visualization, we should also take into account the environmental effect.  To be able to appreciate visual metaliteracy through thoughts and reasoning, it can also be seen as an external cognition. In other words, it is a representational way of processing internal(among individuals) identity to external(society) ones.

   The importance of visual information and the breakdown of complexity into simplicity, is also a way of guiding a mind; as an unaided mind can be seen as highly overrated. Without the help of external concepts, the memory, thoughts and reasoning are constrained.  Human capability has proven us worthy through revolution that we are able to use our intelligence to become flexible and adaptive to the situation that we are in.  In other words, we are overcoming our limits.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This very popular phrase has definitely make its marking. Its graphical means has set an intended purpose to be created and discovered by people with different perspectives.

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