Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Even though there has been a massive increase of interest towards open education (such as massive open online courses and MOOC), it can also be viewed that open education lacks a philosophical or theoretical foundation. Other doubts include the distance education, where it can be identified as being slow to process with critical debates in research and theory.

It can also be quoted that, 'given the considerable rise of Open Education over the last years, these critical appraisals urge us to expand theoretical approaches to refine our understanding of evolving pedagogical and technological relations (cf. Bell, 2011).'

However, self-cultivation and self-realization is  a powerful reflective tool that can be used in engaging literacy in a global scale. There is a significant potential in coming out of one's comfort zone and being able to take criticism(if any) from an international perspective. OER provides rich base of educational materials that has multiple cultural contexts.

This engagement with various and complex resources can be identified as a transformation that is highly likey to happen among individuals.


  1. I believe that much of the global education movement does have a clear, altruistic philosophy--all of the world's knowledge belongs to all of the world's people" It should not be blocked by artificial means such as copyright, nor is it a commodity to be bought and sold. Credentials maybe commodities but knowledge should be freely available to all. This is a common thread in many of the Open Educational Resources dialogues through the United Nations (UNESCO) etc.

  2. I do not think that MOOC education lacks a theoretical foundation. I think that the theory is implicit in the concept of the MOOC, which is that learning and education can be opened up to everyone on a global scale. You are absolutely right though Emily, in believing that self- cultivation ans engagement is vital to the success of the MOOC, and think this is why metacognition and reflecting on our own thinking is so important to this process.