Sunday, October 27, 2013

Information Visualization 

For this week's MOOC talk about Information Visualization and Metaliteracy, it highlights the essence of how information is being expressed.  This is also seen as a way to convey a specific message to the intended audience. 

The technological progress of the world we live in today has made visual literacy an essential aspect.  In terms of academic cultivation, the production and usage of images through visual media is a way 
of simplifying the content of literature without altering its significance. When viewed as a society as a whole, visual information helps in navigation and clarity for people to interact with their surrounding.

The 'Message and Metaliteracy' section of the MOOC talk has expanded the conceptual pattern of how we use information. Words such as:
enables us to draw multiple conclusions to how we can process message into knowledge.  This transformation of message into knowledge is a powerful device that develops into one's ideology and belief. 

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