Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Global Perspective on Metaliteracy 

The first thing I want to point out for this week's MOOC talk is that anything which is being viewed on a global scale amplifies the significance of the ideology. It is because our world is rich with culture, it makes arising topics that much more debatable with clashing opinions.

The main conclusion I got from Paul Prinsloo's presentation is that everybody in this world has their own role in life.  A role that is being clearly specified based on your own biological and mental capabilities.  In other words, the reflexivity( the equation between cause and effect) has put great emphasis on the field that each individual is entitle to have. This puts great emphasis on the scholastic point of view that the reflexive interaction between habitus, capital and the influences made from social and cultural fields have more to do with being part of the field( the soccer positioning example), rather than just obtaining the subject.

The ability to transform information into knowledge has a powerful effect.  With this engagement, it can be broken down into contextual knowledge and integrated knowledge which makes the learning experience and metacognition more adaptable in a more specific concept. Information literacy along with sociolcultural engagement puts up the perfect definition for the model of metaliteracy. This empower people in all walks of life to seek, evaluate and create information proficiently to be able to achieve their social, personal, occupational and educational goals.


  1. Your comparison of metaliterarily to information literacy and social cultural engagement is a completely wonderful way to explain meta literacy. I like looking for meta literacy in everyday society sand I never thought of that. It's so simple,yet so extraordinary.

  2. I feel as if information literacy and social/ cultural engagement go hand in hand. You definitely cannot have one without the other. I also believe that a very large part of information literacy depends on your ability to understand and interpret other cultures/societies. I believe that literacy in this aspect will help to expand your own.