Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Openness and Metaliteracy

      In this MOOC talk, the main focus rotates around the idea of openness through intellectual gathering on a global scale and how it relates to Metaliteracy. The perspective that can be drawn from this talk focuses on the willingness of people to accept communicative program of Creative Common and OER(open education resources). 

     Creative Common represents the new generation. This concept portrays itself as the voice of individuals where suppression is the enemy and freedom of speech is the motto. Through the advertisement of identity protection, this encourages people to be part of the CC community. It starts off with people participating and getting intrigued with this new concept. Then it develops into a learning community where ideas are being suggested, processed and then edited into a new fresh concept that can be shared globally.
     This has a similar common ground to Openness and OER where any kind of teaching materials are free to access and interaction with one another is encouraged. During the MOOC talk, the free- textbooks-for-students discussion can be viewed as a very controversial topic to argue about. Many can view it as a scam- the money made from college students are being used to create newer edition of the textbooks where only little upgrade is being made. It is because many people have mixed feelings about the education system and how money is being spent on it, this encourages new ideas such as OER to step in and become the alternative that would be favorable to many people. 

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